Thomas Creek Band

The Thomas Creek Band is a trio “new” as a bluegrass band playing together; but, the musicians are not new to the “lonesome & raw sound” of traditional bluegrass and old time Americana music! Dale, the lead vocalist, is locally grown and was raised with deep roots in bluegrass, old time, and delta blues. In addition, Dale knows his way around the mandolin and guitar, both in picking and rhythm. Tom, also locally grown, has had a vision of “being in a bluegrass band”. Fairly new to the music scene, Tom graces the band with his harmony on vocals, and provides us with rhythm guitar. In addition, Tom plays mandolin, with his “fine chops” that keeps the grove moving forward. Cheryl, not locally grown, has an entirely different background growing up; she was immersed in classical music and opera growing up. As fiddler of the band, Cheryl says “fiddling is awesome Fun and making Music lifts the mood, brightens the spirit”. When I am playing my instrument – fiddle or violin – whatever you want to call it – my goal is to play with feeling!”



Sample Music


Blue Night (sample)


I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (sample)


June Apple (sample)